Code 4 Salone is an all-inclusive, citizen-led grassroots movement that is leveraging the power of open source technologies to bring innovations in the public sector. Through the creation of open source technologies to address civic needs, we aim to transform civic life by increasing civic engagement via the following focus areas that have real human impact:

Health & Health Services

Improving the access and usability of services that have a deep impact on a community’s health.

Economic Development

Fostering inclusive economic growth by streamlining interactions between governments and people

Transparency and Accountability

Making government processes and civic engagements more open

Communication & Engagement

Improving government communications with residents, while developing ways to encourage participation


Code 4 Salone has identified the following major impediments and their solutions that we shall be working on to achieve real human impact in our four focus areas:

The Challenge Our Solution
The service delivery in the public sector needs to be overhauled to better address the changing needs of the people An open innovation platform for our community of designers, coders and developers to collaboratively resolve civic issues in Sierra Leone, while making use of open source solutions that have been successfully deployed in other countries
The majority of the tech-savvy youth in Sierra Leone do not have proper guidance for learning and collaborating with open source communities that are working on civic issues in other developing countries PROVIDE linkages with international organisations such as Code for Africa, Code for America, and iHub Kenya for improving the skills base of Sierra Leonean developers
A lack of coordination between domain experts, policy analysts, development practitioners and skilled programmers for working towards open source software solutions in the civic sector CREATE an all-inclusive, collaborative community of civic innovators that pools its expertise to work together on solutions to ongoing problems in the public sector


Track Record of the Founding Team

Salton Massally
Salton Massally is a self-taught programmer and entrepreneur from Freetown. He employs a team of 15 young workers providing solutions to the government of Sierra Leone and local businesses. He led the development of the Ebola Response Workers’(ERWs) information management system to pay 21,000 ERWs through mobile money, the first such digital payment system in Sierra Leone.
Joe Abbas Bangura
Joe Abbas Bangura is part of the Global Shapers Community, with a strong passion for human capital development. He was a Fulbright (Hubert Humphrey) Fellow at Syracuse University in the United States. He is the producer and host of the premier motivational Show on national television in Sierra Leone – Lifeby-Design.
T. Keyzom Ngodup
T. Keyzom Ngodup is a Tibetan origin entrepreneur living in Sierra Leone, with experience working with tech-based start-ups in Pakistan, India and Papua New Guinea. She is senior advisor to the Dalai Lama’s administration in India and sits on the board of the Tibetan Entrepreneurship Development Initiative.
Amadu Massally
After living in the United States for over two decades, Amadu Massally returned home in 2010 where he worked in both the public and private sectors. In his work with the government, he was principally responsible for bringing both the Millennium Challenge Corporation and the Open Government Partnership to his country. He has used his knowledge, experience and network to help bring change in a role he describes as ‘national development activism’.
Usman Khaliq
Usman Khaliq is a computer engineer from Pakistan. He was the managing director of a local chapter of AIESEC, the world’s largest youth driven organization that develops the leadership potential of young individuals via running an international exchange program. Usman has experience of working in the development sector in Mauritius, India and Pakistan.





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