Civic Hackthons

Civic Hackathons are events that spark civic engagement. They bring together software designers, developers, and community organisers to solve the communities’ needs, and show what’s possible using technology. The following is how a civic hackathon works:


A three-day event where we invite people from the community, developers and subject specialists to identify civic issues that can be solved through technology.

Create Team

People are divided into teams. Each team has at least 2 developers and 1 subject specialist.

Design Prototype

Each team comes up with a prototype of their idea and presents them to the judges.

Winner Announced

On the final day of the hackathon, the judges announce the best ideas. Prizes are distributed and projects are taken to scale.

Example of project ideas in a civic hackathon:

  • An online portal where citizens can report on issues related to civic amenities that they are facing in their neighbourhoods (e.g. overflowing drainages, shortage of water supply)
  • A mobile application through which citizens can be informed about public health announcements in real-time