Civic Innovation Lab

Civic innovation labs are groups of volunteer community members who meet regularly to collaborate with government, non-profits, and media organisations on technology, data, policy and design projects that strengthen their communities.

Each lab is led by a Lab Organiser who is responsible for building the community and maintaining the relationship between the lab and the local partners. Lab members meet at least monthly.

A civic innovation lab works in the following way:

Analysing a Community’s Needs

  1. Each lab maintains a community’s Profile and a Strategic Plan that provides guidance to the lab for its projects.
  2. The lab manages a list of potential projects that can improve the lives of the people in the communities.

Lab Develops the Best Solutions To Identified Needs

  1. The lab collaborates with the local government, local partners and citizens to identify projects and action plans.
  2. Through a collaborative discussion with all stakeholders, the lab designs the right solution.

An example of a project being carried out in the civic innovation lab:

  • A web portal that monitors and displays in real-time to the health department updates on diseases from different hospitals across the community.