Where We Focus

Code 4 Salone is an all-inclusive, citizen-led grass-root movement that is leveraging the power of open source technologies to bring innovations in the public sector. Through the creation of open source technologies to address civic needs,we aim to transform civic life by increasing civic engagement via the following focus areas that have real human impact:

Health & Health Services

Sierra Leone has one of the poorest healthcare systems in the world. A lot of work needs to be done to make healthcare more accessible and affordable to the public,while ensuring that the services are being delivered with dignity. Code 4 Salone partners with the Sierra Leone government as well as with development agencies to improve the healthcare services in the country.

Economic Development

Redesigning how workers, entrepreneurs, and businesses interact with local government can foster the kind of growth a whole community can participate in. Code 4 Salone partners with local government to improve digital services that streamline interactions between governments and businesses, and bridge the skills gap.

Transparency and Accountability

Using data and technology, Code 4 Salone is working with the government in Sierra Leone and community advocates to create a much more transparent and accountable system for the delivery of public services in the country.

Communication & Engagement

Code 4 Salone partners with local communities to use data and technology to improve communications between the government and the residents. This way, our aim is to encourage public participation in civic life and to improve access to public services.